​Champion Yellow Team the 1st King of LSM SOL FOOTBALL CUP 2017

​Champion Yellow Team the 1st King of SOL FOOTBALL CUP 2017: 

How I and my team prepared to contribute in leading the team to become the Champion 

– Champion Yellow Team 1st King of SOL FOOTBALL CUP 2017 held on University of Makati Football Stadium January 15, 2017. A memorable and historical event in the history of Sons of Lourdes Lourdes School of Mandaluyong Football. 

I am proud to be part of a team with dedication to win and with sportsmanship as part of each players’ heart. I can still remember how intense the games were and how each of us keeps on committing mistakes inside the game field but each also contributed their best to bring success in the games by continuously trusting each other, inspiring and encouraging each other to focus on doing their best instead of worrying with mistakes. 

I can say that it was a promising team without any touch of pressure, all the players play with a smile on their faces and enjoying every control, every ball pass, every clear, every attempt to score and the goals that make all of us celebrate the winnings and the hardwork each gave to the team. The Yellow Football Team is an Inspiring Team!   
My preparation and my efforts:

I train hard using the CALRIGER Tech http://www.calriger.net , eat proper and healthy thru http://www.terranutra.com ,

keep my faith im God, trust my team, contribute all my energy to my team, keep up my confidence in my skills and thank God and visit Him in His House for giving our team the blessing of being the Champion of the 1st King of SOL Football Cup 2017

My code to success:

May God always gives us the Power to Know the right and the will to do it, Always make us empowered by knowledge, be driven by the right principles, and be guided by virtues and the Holy Spirit.  All the Glory ia for God who gives us all the blessings that we have in this world and lifetime. 

– Giancarlo Capco SOL Football Club Member

HISTORYBANKS http://www.historybanks.net


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