Historical SolarRev Gen Invention by a Filipino

SolarRev Gen Made in the Philippines


During our travels with the missionaries, we witnessed the importance of bringing portable SolarRev Generator because this gives light in dark times, it never fails to charge our communication devices especially the radio comms and GPS Navigators and there are portable health devices that can be plugged in the SolarRev and ensures availability of basic medical health check in the offgrid sites and the best that the SolarRev can do for us is for it to always be powered by the sun at day time and make power available all the time.



Territorial Defense Starts at Supporting what we produce inside our territory.

Lets support the Philippines and give chance to Filipino inventors – We all hope for the support of the government so that we can send these good made in the Philippines Technologies like the SolarRev Generator to the hands of the people who are really in need of it in the mission field but this can only happen if Filipino People will start to support our own.


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Philippines produced its own Portable Solar Generator for Laptop charging using recycled materials

Historical Success for Filipinos: The first Produly Filipino Made SolarRev can store electricity generated by solar panels and draw electricity from the utility grid when weather is cloudy to store for later use. It also provides family homes with backup power in the event of an outage, power shortage or blackouts. All SolarRev can be used in Tactical Offgrid Travels for its portability feature and can also be used as back up and emergency home power with its easy plug and play power input and output features. CALRIGER SOLARREV GA10 at http://www.facebook.com/calriger

Filipina Church Singer Making History in PH Events

Great performance of Pauline Lop Ponciano in an event in Pasig City

Church and Wedding Singer Pauline Lop Ponciano contributes her talent to the Advocacy Society in the Philippine. She sings for free for events that brings social developments in the Philippines. Pauline Ponciano, also known as LOP, is the owner of the social enterprise Terranutra Trading and she shares her talents and skills in music and natural medicine thru events and singing sessions with people with hearts for social development and natural healing thru medicines from the soil. Sirach 38.

Visit her website http://www.terranutra.com



3 Million + Views for Sarah Geronimo – TALA [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

Sarah Geronimo Tala Music Video – http://www.gpsonlinetv.com

The official music video for “Tala” as performed by Sarah Geronimo. This is the first video of Sarah’s latest Viva Records produced album entitled “The Great Unknown.”

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Facebook: /SGeronimo25
Twitter: @JustSarahG
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Composed by: Nica Del Rosario/Emmanuel Sambayan
Published by: Viva Music Publishing, Inc.
For MUSIC LICENSING, email us at musicpublishing@viva.com.ph

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Tala, tala, tala…
Ang ningning ng mga tala’y nakikita ko sa ‘yong mga mata
Tala, tala, tala…
Ang ningning ng ‘yong mga mata’y nahanap ko sa mga tala

Siguro nga masyadong mabilis
Ang pagyanig
Ng puso ko
Para sa puso mo
Siguro nga ako ay makulit
Ayaw makinig
Sa takbo ng isip
Hindi ko maipilit

Tila ako’y nakalutang na sa langit
Ngunit nalulunod sa iyong mga ngiti

At kung hanggang dito lang talaga tayo
Hindi pababayaan ang daang tinahak na kapiling ka
At kung umabot tayo hanggang dulo
Kapit lang nang mahigpit aabutin natin ang mga tala

Tala, tala, tala…
Ang ningning ng mga tala’y nakikita ko sa ‘yong mga mata
Tala, tala, tala…
Ang ningning ng ‘yong mga mata’y nahanap ko sa mga tala

Maaaring kinabukasan
Ay mag iba na ang
Ihip ng iyong ninanais
Ngunit maaaring bang kahit na
Pansamantala lang
Ikaw muna’y maging akin

Tila ako’y nakalutang na sa langit
Ngunit nalulunod sa iyong mga ngiti

At kung hanggang dito lang talaga tayo
Hindi pababayaan ang daang tinahak na kapiling ka
At kung umabot tayo hanggang dulo
Kapit lang nang mahigpit aabutin natin ang mga tala

Tala, tala, tala…
Ang ningning ng mga tala’y nakikita ko sa ‘yong mga mata
Tala, tala, tala…
Ang ningning ng ‘yong mga mata’y nahanap ko sa mga tala

Hindi man ako
Nilagay sa mundong ito
Para sa iyo
Parang nakatingin
Ang buong daigdig
‘Pag ako’y yakap-yakap mo

At kung hanggang dito lang talaga tayo
Hindi pababayaan ang daang tinahak na kapiling ka
At kung umabot tayo hanggang dulo
Kapit lang nang mahigpit aabutin natin ang mga tala

Tala, tala, tala…
Ang ningning ng mga tala’y nakikita ko sa ‘yong mga mata
Tala, tala, tala…
Ang ningning ng ‘yong mga mata’y nahanap ko sa mga tala

Ang ningning ng mga tala’y nakikita ko sa ‘yong mga mata
Nakikita ko sa ‘yong mga mata
Ang ningning ng iyong mga mata’y nahanap ko sa mga tala

Produced by: Emmanuel Sambayan
Arranged by: Nica Del Rosario/Emmanuel Sambayan

Video Production:
Director: Paul Basinillo

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Filipino Tech Entrepreneur CALRIGER making History


Calriger in Gadget Magazine - Copy

CALRIGER Technologies and Innovations are the development programs of CALRIGER CEO, Giancarlo Capco, the same person who invented the Solar Sanitary Aqua Vendo (SAV) Water Pump which was the greatest innovation that a Filipino Entrepreneur shared in the Build IT Business and Innovation Program of Harvard Business School USA. CALRIGER  is currently the biggest supplier of Military Compliant CCTV Products and Systems including the Cyber Defense Programs and Software which combines Defense and Security Surveillance in Industrial Centralized Server. This Military Compliant AMS HD CCTV System is plugged with different advanced monitoring and online remote viewing features but not limited to mobile application programs for the system has Centralized Software that can be used in all types of Computers.




CALRIGER MC COMPANY specialize in Advanced Maximum Technologies-AMT relating to Solar Rev Generator, Cyber Communication Development, Strategic Cyber Defense Security Systems and Website Development, AMS Surveillance HD CCTV System,  Tactical and Survival Gears, and now the company also engages in researching, distributing, developing, trading CALRIGER’s  Advanced Maximum Technologies.


Mission: CALRIGER aims to bring Advanced Maximum Technologies to the hands of the People.

Vision:  CALRIGER aims to become the top technology provider company in the Philippines and provides advanced technology education to the Filipino people.


  1. Bring technology advancement to the society
  2. Create a culture of peace that focus on valuing competent education thru the use of various advanced technologies
  3. Help the Advocacy Groups to level their marketing skills to its maximum efficiency for them to bring their messages closer to the people
  4. Honor the Creator of all things by using all His creations, blessings and gift for the right and good purposes and the right ways and at the same time promoting good and right things for preserving goodness in this world.




CALRIGER Solar Rev Generator, Solar Powered AMS HD CCTV CENTRALIZED SECURITY SYSTEM, CALRIGER SERVE – Solar Emergency Response Vehicles, Solar Powered SAV Water Pump System, , Solar Powered house, Farms and Resorts, Heavy Duty Solar Lightings, AC and DC Spot and Flood Lights, Solar powered radio communication systems and many other Advanced Maximum Gears Technologies, Night Vision devices, Cyber Defense Anti-Hacking Gadgets, Tactical Gears and Survival Gears.




Our solar panels have long life, excellent charging characteristics, waterproof and equipped with cooling system. Our solar modules are applied in Off-Grid-connect solar revolutionary generating system, Stand-alone solar power system with portable version for lighting, communication, monitoring and any other places that need electric power. OUR SOLAR PRODUCTS We also develop solar application products such as solar street lights, solar billboard, solar charger, solar cooling system, solar water pump and heater, solar lanterns and many more. We have professional R&D team, kaizen quality control management system and advanced testing center to provide quality solar products and excellent technical support. THE SOLAR REV GENERATOR POWER SYSTEM Using solar power to produce electricity is not the same as using solar to produce heat. Solar thermal principles are applied to produce hot fluids or air. Photovoltaic principles are used to produce electricity. A solar panel (PV panel) is made of the natural element, silicon, which becomes charged electrically when subjected to sun light.


OUR HD CCTV SYSTEM AMS (Advanced Maximum Security-Military Standards Compliant)  

CALRIGER AMS HD CCTV SYSTEM with Defense and Security Technologies is a developed innovative surveillance Advanced Maximum Security platform with security efficiency and reliability that integrates a 24/7 solar rev generator and HD CCTV System. The CALRIGER HD CCTV Advanced Security System creates a stand-alone centralized monitoring structure that the law enforcers or system users can use to cover the required surveillance range, it collates all CALRIGER DVR recordings thru records forwarding into one central monitoring system thru system integration CCTV PC Software. The CALRIGER Defense and Security Technologies also provides intelligent CCTV Programs which contains user friendly interface that can be accessed only with top security encryption and can be remotely linked with key security institutions such as police, military, fire and rescue departments and other administrative divisions through secured authorized mobile phones or Laptop Computers connection in the main Centralized CCTV Server for all DVR units. All of these key security and advanced features can help in eradicating crimes, preventing damages from disasters and enhance response rate of rescue and fire departments in emergency situations CALRIGER AMS HD CCTV Centralized System is for Society Security Upgrade in the Philippines.



CALRIGER CYBER TECHNOLOGY PROGRAM  is one of the Service lines of CALRIGER MARKETING CONSULTANCY COMPANY, it is a Professional Website Development and Designing Marketing Firm based in Metro Manila, Philippines.  We focus on Advanced Maximum Cyber Technology for Commercial Enterprises and State Cyber Projects, we also offer affordable website designs that will suit the needs of small and medium enterprises. We provide personal websites for students and organizations. We offer web-hosting services provided by our partners and we give our clients the opportunity to select the reasonably priced web hosting plans and domain name registrations.  SERVICE LIST Website Frontpage, On-Line School Year Book, Personal Website Designs, Business Website/ Corporate Website.



CALRIGER Advanced Led Lightings offers high quality LED Bulbs and Tube lights for AC and DC Applications. Top quality LED lights can be used for indoor and outdoor lighting needs. We also supply LED spot and flood lightings for cars and off road vehicles to ensure that driver’s vision while using these vehicle can reach its maximum efficiency thru the support of high quality CALRIGER LED Lights in whatever road it will pass whether day time or night time.



CALRIGER Tactical and Survival Gears are the most Advanced and at its Maximum Effectiveness in their field of applications these are also known as the CALRIGER ADVANCED MAXIMUM GEARS (CAMG). Popular innovative technologies of CALRIGER in this industry are the Raven Eye Night Vision, Vehicle Surveillance Recorder, Tactical Firestarter Flints, Tactical Multi-Survival Tools, Dynamo Chargers, Utilitykeys, Waterproof Watches and Gadgets, Action Cameras, Waterproof Flashlights, High Lumens Search Flashlights, Survival bags and cook-set, Solar and Dynamo Lanterns and Chargers.



We can supply design, production, partner installation and technical support for different setups and various technology applications including installation of AMS HD CCTV System, Installation and setup of Solar Rev Generators and different sizes of solar modules and solar application products. We trade high quality LED Bulbs and Tubes for 220V and 12V Solar, We supply Advanced Maximum Gears Tactical and Survival Applications, Night Visions, Car Dash Camera Surveillance, Security Technologies, Cyber Defense Development Systems.  All our business deals are supported by our legal department and in-house lawyers to ensure that all regulations, legalities and state laws are fully complied and we provide centralized trading center to enhance clients’ experience in purchasing our products and services thru our online Trading Center the GPS ONLINE TV (http://www.gpsonlinetv.com) .




Solar Rev Generator Division


AMS HD CCTV Division


Vehicle CCTV Cameras and GPS Division


Cyber Technology Program ( with Website Development )


AMG Survival Tech Gears Division


LED Lightings Bulb and Tubes Division


Black Screw Hardware Industry Division


GPS Online TV Production and Online Store ( http://www.gpsonlinetv.com )








  1. Non-Government Organizations with Development Projects:

Youth for Peace Advocacy Movement – CCTV and Solar

National Youth Leadership Summit – Solar

Global Advocacies TES International Missions – Solar

ICCP Foundation Pampanga – Solar and Website

Kitang Taga Iriga Foundation – Solar

International Christian Academy  – Website

Catholic Church the Feast  – Website

  1. Government Institutions:

Armed Forces of the Philippines Military bases and facilities specifically the Chief of Staff Office,

Sub-bases Army OACPA HPA, Navy Civil Military Operation, Airforce Villamor, AFP Civil Relations Service, Nueva Ecija Battalion, CRGs 1st to 7th CRG Offices – Solar and Website with Cyber Defense

Department of National Defense’s National Defense College of the Philippines – CCTV

Golf Course of the Armed Forces of the Philippines – CCTV

Bureau of Customs Intelligence Division  – Website

  1. Industrial and Business Establishments:

Security Aganecy Cubao Subcon of Ayala Malls Mindanao – Tactical Gears Night Vision

Terranutra Trading – CCTV and Solar

Motolite Corporation Batteries – CCTV

Capco Law Firm – CCTV

JCM Solar Resto Cubao – Solar

BP Food House – CCTV

Jio Material Recovery Facilities – CCTV

Speed Laundry branches – CCTV

JCB Mindoro Beach Resort – Solar

Youth for Peace AM Solar Farm Tanay – Solar

RJ Solar Tower Lipa – Solar and CCTV

QT Enterprise Steel Manufacturing – Solar

PJV Town House – CCTV

Unilab Housing Solar – Solar

Xado Enterpise Russian Tech – Solar

Medical Hospitals and Clinic

Nuu Skin Care Derma Clinic – CCTV

Capco Ace Derma Clinic – CCTV

Kmatters Dialysis Center  Taguig – CCTV

Kmatters Dialysis Center  Cavite – CCTV

Global Homes Construction Paranaque- Solar

SDS Cyber Mega Structures – Solar

Bicol Colarina High School   – Solar

D Farm Caliraya – Solar

Peace Kamp Porac – Solar

  1. Farms and Residential Houses:

Metro Manila, Pateros, Tanay, Batangas, Mindoro

Pampanga, Zambales, Tarlac, Nueva Ecija

Tangub Mindanao, Osamis Mindanao, Cagayan De Oro Mindanao

Butuan Mindanao, Davao Mindanao




Giancarlo Capco is a person who is powered by knowledge, driven by the right principles in life and guided by virtues. He believes that we need to fight with courage and stand with honor in our everyday encounter with life.

College Life and International Recognitions of Giancarlo Capco

  1. Giancarlo Capco is a graduate of Commerce Major in Business Management in Far Eastern University 2.awarded as one of the Ten Outstanding Senior Students of Far eastern University, 3.with multiple award as best organization president in the institute and university level. 4.He was also awarded as Outstanding YMCA Student Leader of 2005, 5.He represented the Philippines in the Asia Pacific Leadership Conference in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 2005, 6. then he was awarded by the Philippine Government as the Best Entrepreneurship Student of the Philippines for the Year 2006 with multiple awards in national business plan competitions.

College Life Top Highlights – HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL Experience

  1. Then he represented the Philippines in Harvard Business School Boston Massachusetts USA – World Business Plan Competition where he garnered multiple international recognitions and award for his proudly pinoy invention the SAV unit also for the year 2006.8. For the year 2007 he was hired as the head of the Law Student Research and Development Group of the Capco Law Firm. 9. Then on year 2008 he become the General manager of Stagerfire Digital Studio and he also become 10. the Founding-Chairman of the Sovereign Integridad Football Club and 11.was elected as the Treasurer of the Youth for Peace Advocacy Movement (YPAM),. 12. Then on year 2009 he was elected as the Vice President of the Association of Law Students of the Philippines (ALSP) and become part of the organizing group of the event Youth Leadership Summit HPA Navy organized by the Civil Relations Service of the AFP, 13. he also become the Founding-Chairman of the Green Law Advocates International, then on the same year, 14. he represented the Philippines in the Asian Forum International of the Asian Law Students Association. 15. Then on 2010, he represented the Philippines in the ALSA Asian Conference Indonesia and won an international award of Best Conference Table Discussion and Asian recognition for his great presentation of the Filipino Eskrima Martial Arts depicting the story of Lapu Lapu. And recently he was 16. promoted as the Director of Capco Law Firm’s Legal Intelligence Division and also on the same year, he become the 17. Founding Chairman of the Philippine Law United Governance-(PLUG) and 18. the Governance and Camaraderie Advocating Peace and Solidarity –(GCAPS), 19. On the year 2011, he sphere headed the International Relations Development Group which promotes unity and equality among international people, and on the year 2012 he informally founded the GATES International Missions also known as the Global Advocacies Toward Empowered Society which advocates development of society in multiple aspects such as economics, international relations, education and many more. At this time Global Advocacies is under registration process with the Security Regulations Commissions.

The Youth Leadership Summit Life

On October 2012, he graduated from the first National Youth Leadership Summit, a Leadership Program conducted by the Armed Forces of the Philippines in Davao. From November 2012 to January 2013 Giancarlo Capco worked as legal researcher at the Office of the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and helped in organizing different Civil Relations Services Programs of AFP.

On the year 2013 Giancarlo Capco registered his business CALRIGER MC ( A Strategist and Technologies Company) in the Philippines, he then provided the Video and Photography services of CALRIGER STUDIO for free in the National Youth Congress 2013 GK Village Bulacan and also on the National Youth Leaders Congress Antipolo 2014 which was organized by AFP J7 and CRS AFP

Business Life of Giancarlo Capco

After one year of business registration and soft launching of CALRIGER Operations, on the year 2014 Giancarlo Capco started providing different Advanced Maximum Gears Technologies to the Philippines such as Cyber Defense Systems, Solar Rev Generator, AMG HD CCTV Security Cameras and Survival Gears. After his different appearance in major TV Stations on the Philippines for his Renewable Technologies he then started donating Solar Technologies to farmers, Social Advocacy Groups and institutions that teaches virtues and values to the communities and decided to open CALRIGER TRAINING CENTER which offers free technology trainings with focus on website marketing development and Solar Rev Generator setups to different communities and NGOs to provide technical skills to the youth and out of school youths and also to help eradicate the problems in looming energy crisis.

On the year 2015 he conducted different skill trainings to the Armed Forces of the Philippines, to different YLS graduates and provided jobs and business opportunities to many Filipinos around the country, on the same year he established and solar powered the server operation of the Youth Leadership Summit National Website and Database to unit and connect all YLS graduates around the world with the website address WWW.NATIONALYOUTHLEADERSHIPSUMMIT.COM.

On the year 2016, Giancarlo Capco started to invent new technologies that can help in different social crisis that the Philippines is experiencing, these technologies includes the CALRIGER SERVE – Solar Emergency Response Vehicles, Solar Powered Water Pump System, Solar Powered HD CCTV Security System with internet access, Solar Powered house, Farms and resorts, Solar powered radio communication systems and many other Advanced Maximum Gears Technologies.


At present, Giancarlo Capco is opening CALRIGER doors to interested people and youth to learn Advanced Maximum Technologies of the CALRIGER Company and share skills and business opportunities to people with the heart that loves Nation Building and Social Advocacy Projects for the Philippines and for the world.

​Champion Yellow Team the 1st King of LSM SOL FOOTBALL CUP 2017

​Champion Yellow Team the 1st King of SOL FOOTBALL CUP 2017: 

How I and my team prepared to contribute in leading the team to become the Champion 

– Champion Yellow Team 1st King of SOL FOOTBALL CUP 2017 held on University of Makati Football Stadium January 15, 2017. A memorable and historical event in the history of Sons of Lourdes Lourdes School of Mandaluyong Football. 

I am proud to be part of a team with dedication to win and with sportsmanship as part of each players’ heart. I can still remember how intense the games were and how each of us keeps on committing mistakes inside the game field but each also contributed their best to bring success in the games by continuously trusting each other, inspiring and encouraging each other to focus on doing their best instead of worrying with mistakes. 

I can say that it was a promising team without any touch of pressure, all the players play with a smile on their faces and enjoying every control, every ball pass, every clear, every attempt to score and the goals that make all of us celebrate the winnings and the hardwork each gave to the team. The Yellow Football Team is an Inspiring Team!   
My preparation and my efforts:

I train hard using the CALRIGER Tech http://www.calriger.net , eat proper and healthy thru http://www.terranutra.com ,

keep my faith im God, trust my team, contribute all my energy to my team, keep up my confidence in my skills and thank God and visit Him in His House for giving our team the blessing of being the Champion of the 1st King of SOL Football Cup 2017

My code to success:

May God always gives us the Power to Know the right and the will to do it, Always make us empowered by knowledge, be driven by the right principles, and be guided by virtues and the Holy Spirit.  All the Glory ia for God who gives us all the blessings that we have in this world and lifetime. 

– Giancarlo Capco SOL Football Club Member

HISTORYBANKS http://www.historybanks.net

Solar Water Pump-Historical Technology

SUBMERSIBLE UTILITY PUMP SUPUMP-IP68 at http://www.calriger.net

CALRIGER SUPIP68 Submersible Utility Pump Pic Specs
Calriger Solar Water Pump SUPIP68
CALRIGER SUPIP68 Submersible Utility Pump
System of Calriger Solar Water Pump SUPIP68

Submersible Utility Pump 1/6 HP 220V  with 500 Watts Inverter for Solar DC Setup12v to 220 Power Conversion or Portable Usage, Powered by 100 Watts Solar Panel, 20 Amp Digital Controller and 100 Amp DC battery


CALRIGER SUP – IP68 Submersible Utility Pump Specs:

Power: 1/6 HP

Voltage: AC 220V/60Hz

Phase Type: Single Phase

Push Power: Max Head : 7M.

Submersible Level: 5M

Suggested Hose: 3/4 “ and 1 “ for hose discharge

Application: Totally Waterproof Submersible

Water Tolerance: IP68 ( IP68-rated submersibility)

Transferability: Portable Pump

Operating Temperature Rage: 40-50 °C

Country Origin: Made in Taiwan



-Solar Water Pump Setup

-Water Transfer

-Basement Water Drainage

-Totally Submersible

-Drains Water Down to 1/8 “ (3mm)

-Drains Swimming Pool Water

-Transfers Water from Waterfalls, Fountains, Rivers

-Irrigates Gardens from Tanks

-for Water Only  (Not applicable to

pump solid or high acidity fluids)




-Do not pump from swimming pool or water

while any person or animal is in the water

-Do not lift or carry the pump by power cable






CALRIGER SUPIP68 Submersible Utility Pump
System of Calriger Solar Water Pump SUPIP68

Submersible Utility Pump 1/6 HP 220V  with 500 Watts Inverter for Solar DC Setup12v to 220 Power Conversion or Portable Usage, Powered by 100 Watts Solar Panel, 20 Amp Digital Controller and 100 Amp DC battery


CALRIGER Solar Water Pump Series using the SU Pump IP68, is applied widely to residential, commercial and Industrial usages such as Water Transfer, Basement Water Drainage, Transfers Water from Waterfalls, Fountains, Rivers and Irrigates Gardens or farms from Tanks. The system use the Calriger solar power technology to produce renewable energy that can efficiently be used in different applications specially to pump water directly from water source to its end user destination. The water pump quality is at its top technology using a Submersible Utility Pump that is IP68 or totally waterproof and submersible.

History of Sarah Geronimo

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More History at http://www.historybanks.net

Sarah Geronimo (\jə-ˈrä-nə-ˌmō\ born Sarah Asher Tua Geronimo; July 25, 1988) is a Filipino singer, actress and television personality. Born and raised in Santa Cruz, Manila, Geronimo started a career in music after winning the television singing contest Star for a Night in 2003. She signed with music label Viva Records and rose to fame with the release of her first album Popstar: A Dream Come True (2003); it became a commercial success and won two Awit Awards. Geronimo’s music was for a time categorized as pop until the release of her tenth studio album Expressions(2013), when she diverted into R&B and dance. In 2013, her single “Ikot-Ikot” has won the Awit Award for Best R&B Recording. In 2015, Geronimo has won the Awit Award for Album of the Year for her eleventh studio record Perfectly Imperfect. In the 2014 report of the Bureau of Internal Revenue, she is the highest paid musician in the country. Called the Popstar Princess, her contributions to music, along with her film and television work, made her a local figure in popular culture of the 2000s to 2010s in the Philippines.
Geronimo began working with television network ABS-CBN in 2004. She appeared in projects such as ASAP (2004–present), Bituing Walang Ningning (2006), Pangarap na Bituin (2007) and Sarah G. Live! (2012-2013). Geronimo then ventured into mainstream cinema and is best known for playing the lead role in the films: A Very Special Love (2008),You Changed My Life (2009) and It Takes a Man and a Woman (2013). All of which are in the list of highest grossing films in the Philippines that earned her three Box-office Queen titles from GMMSF Box-Office Entertainment Awards. She also received two nominations of FAMAS Award for Best Actress for these films respectively. Geronimo has a collective box-office gross receipt of at least PHP 1 billion.
Throughout her career, Geronimo has received ten Awit Awards, six Aliw Awards, 23 Myx Music Awards (the most in the awards history) and a FAMAS Golden Artist Award. She has received as well a Best Asian Artist Award at the Mnet Asian Music Awards in 2012, Best Southeast Asian Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2014 and Best Selling Filipino Artist at the 22nd World Music Awards. In 2015, FAMAS named her as one of the six “Iconic Movie Queens of Philippine Cinema”. Geronimo is a Goodwill Ambassador for Music of the National Commission for Culture and the Artsand a recipient of their Ani ng Dangal or “Harvest of Honors” state recognition for multi-disciplinary arts.
Complete Details at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sarah_Geronimo

The Way of the Strategist

Life’s Trials, Experiences & Realizations contain Jewels of Wisdom & Virtues that we need to unlock in order for us to successfully grow & be efficient and effective in the fulfillment of our missions in this life. A Strategist understands that after the battle there will be loses and gains. He also knows that a person can lose a lot but he shall never lose his virtues for these are parts that make him a human of morals and goodness – GCaps

The Way of Life of a Strategist

Calriger to Protect This House

Calibrated Judgments for Complicated Challenges, Using Wisdom and Virtues in Choosing a Mission and Understanding the Essence of Losing and Gaining Along the Way.
By: Giancarlo Capco “GCaps”

In life there are many ways to live and survive but for me the best way that can open the gate towards understanding life is the way of the Strategist. All of us are given free will together with the gift of life and with this freedom we have the liberty to live according to ways that we desire. Whatever life a person wants, appreciating different turn of events in our lives is the hardest part. To understand life’s ways and live with it harmoniously a person should live by choosing his life’s path through wisdom guided by virtues, he should also learn to accept whatever the result of his actions, then have the courage to move forward to the next path, then live a life with calibrated judgments for complicated challenges and then he should learn to understand the essence of losing and gaining along the way, this is The Way of Life of a Strategist. A Strategist perceives life in this way and it all summed up to this conclusion because of his time developed skills strengthen by principles and guided by virtues. His ways might not be the best amongst all ways but his ways are good in inspiring and motivating people to move forward together with time.

All of us can be a Strategist if we decide to become one. Being a Strategist is not a position or a designation that people can give you or call you because to be a Strategist requires time developed skills and knowledge and a personal decision to accept responsibilities and obligations attached to such calling. As can be seen in the timeline of our existence, there are warriors who follow orders of their ruler, knights who live according to the words of their king, soldiers who fight through the command of their general, but with all of these, there exist the one who creates strategies that followers and leaders use in order for their group to win their battles, he might be from the division of the followers or from the section of the leaders but the certain fact is that such person through his time developed skills and knowledge decided to stand as a Strategist to empower, inspire and motivate the group and his leader to execute a strategy that aims to win their battle. In summary, a Strategist can be anyone, a warrior, a knight, a fighter, a follower or a leader but he must possess the time developed skills and knowledge and the required personal decision to become a Strategist.

A Strategist believes that whatever goal a person decides to achieve or a mission a person decides to conquer or a challenge a person decides to face, such person needs to bring all his strength and strategies towards the aim of achieving it.

A Strategist knows that a person will lose many things along the way when such person is in a conflict or battle but such person have a big chance of attaining his goals, be successful in his missions and be victorious in facing life’s challenges if he will face his fears and don’t let worries stop him in formulating well prepared action plans and strategies for his goals, missions and challenges.

Gcaps Sovereign Integridad

A Strategist understands that after the battle there will be loses and gains. He also knows that a person can lose a lot but he shall never lose his virtues for these are parts that make him a human of morals and goodness.  A Strategist also knows that whatever the result of the battle, a person can collect what he lose along the way and brings back whatever he can get back, however, he also knows that those which are uncollectable and those that he cannot find and get back are meant to be lost and he knows that there are understandable reasons why these things are gone and he respects life for taking them away from him but he also hopes that someday he can find them again if life will allows him. Then he also knows that those that he can collect and get back, he can enhances them and develops his connections with them in preparation for his next  mission, goal and battle.

A Strategist believes that those who value him with great compassion and with truthfulness will always be there for him even during battles or even off battle. A Strategist deeply understands that those who decided to leave him and never get back to him are also important and for this he is even thankful that they passed by in his lifetime, and he is also very much grateful because even for a short while they contributed in their own special ways something in his life and development and they already become part of his life.

A Strategist always remembers that even the greatest persons who are experts in strategizing ways in facing life’s battles has their own limitations, therefore a Strategist gives strong emphasis in the need to understand that a person cannot hold so much matters in this world because everything has a limit and capacity, so he knows that it is very vital to be wise in deciding what to hold on and it is also important to choose those that can make him better and those that can help him in bringing goodness and inspirations in the territories that he will walkthrough.

A Strategist gives high importance In human connections, he values all of them, trust those who want to hold on to him and respect those who want to go away from him because just like in a life of a soldier in going to a battle he choose to communicate with those people who are essential in his mission, he ask for support to those that can help him in winning the battle and he fight together with those that can make him survive the fight and keeps him standing till the end. But A Strategist do all of these in order for him to stay alive, so that after the battle he can give unconditionally his achievements to the people he loves, be thankful and brings back the favors and supports he get from those people who helped him in his missions, and he never forgets to share whatever he can share because he believes that sharing can help in motivating people also to share what they have and when all of us share with each other these acts can help in the development and welfare of our society.

GCaps Giancarlo Capco Arnis

A Strategist knows that all of us want to reach our dreams and achieve our goals. He knows that in accomplishing these dreams and goals, we all need to decide for the best way that we think and believe which can help us to attain these things, so a person needs to act according to his own decision and not from the words of others because whatever decision a person do, the effects of his decision will make him suffer or make him benefit from it.
A Strategist lives with the principle that focus can leads to quality works and with this he always remembers that focus is important in winning a challenge, so he gives highlighting that a person needs to free his mind from distractions caused by worries, fears, sadness, jealousy, envy, expectations, negative thinking, anger and defeat, then a person needs to condition his mind to positivity so that he can strengthen his knowledge, health, fitness, virtues and strategies in order for him to equipped focus with all his positive weapons that can lead him to outstanding victories.

A Strategist also gives importance to the fact that a person needs to be wise in choosing the battle that he wants to fight because in all actions that he do, he will always experience loses and gains, and with wise decisions he will lose those which are not that helpful and important in his development but then he also knows that he can gain those which are significant and essential for his betterment and welfare. Wise action can gives him positive loses and gains and he knows that these are benefits of thinking intelligently and deciding wisely.
In the end, whatever happens, whatever the results will be, a Strategist knows that a person should not be locked up in his disappointments, frustrations and sadness. He knows that it is ok to feel these things when a person is defeated in a battle but he should never lose hope because time in life will not stop so he should stand and hold on to hope, move with every movement of time, learn from mistakes around him, then plan, prepare and make himself more strong and wise. A Strategist have faith that as long as there is time, he should never stop moving forward and he should always be ready for his next strategy for his fight in his next battle, for his expedition towards his next goal and for his winning strike for his next challenge.

A Strategist is a simple humble person and enjoys the company of ordinary people because with them he gains his strength to strive more to equalize and maintain the equality between the ordinaries and the elites. He stays simple when circumstances can be dealt with simple approaches, but he will be in his maxim efficiency as Strategist and he amplifies his ways when things are in its difficult state and requires strategies in solving complications.

GCaps Giancarlo Capco Palawan

A Strategist gives all his trust to his Creator and knows that sometimes, just sometimes, there are things that he cannot understand and during those times he needs to move on and let fate decides and at those moments he trusts his Creator that someday a great explanation will be given to him that can enlighten his heart and mind. A Strategist also believes that his efforts measure the amount of success that he can attain and his faith stands with the enlightenment that if he deserves something and he do his best to achieve it, life will give him those things that he deserves on the right time and place.


Life is easy to understand when we realize that ways towards success requires methodical preparations that can result to effective strategies and efficient actions, and life is easy to deal with when we accept that all our actions will result to loses and gains but with proper use of wisdom guided by virtues we can attain positive loses and gains. In conclusion, a life with calibrated judgments for complicated challenges, using wisdom and virtues in choosing a mission and understanding the essence of losing and gaining along the way with trust that the Creator of everything will explain all the loop holes in life in the right time and place, is The Way of Life of a Strategist.

Written: August  04, 2012
The Fort Global City, Philippines
Authored and Written by: Giancarlo Capco “Calriger GCaps”
Article Title: The Way of Life of a Strategist / The Way of the Strategist


History and The Guide to Internet Speed by Plugthingsin


Does internet speed confuse you? Do you scratch your head when you hear the words megabits, bandwidth or latency?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Lots of people are confused with internet speed. They don’t know what internet speed is, how it works and why they should pay extra for more of it. But it’s the internet service providers biggest selling point, so speed must be important… right?

I’ll leave that up to you to answer. To help you out, though, this article will answer the following questions:

  • What is internet speed?
  • How does internet speed work?
  • What is kbps, mbps, MBps and gbps?
  • What is the difference between upload and download speeds?
  • What affects my internet speed?

Let’s get started.

Want the fastest internet speed at an affordable price? Find the best provider based on your needs:

Each page will open in a new windows so that you can finish reading this guide.

What is Internet Speed?

Internet speed, the number they give you (5 Mbps, for example), has nothing to do with how fast your internet works. It’s not like a car or motorcycle where you can measure how fast it goes in miles per hour (mph).

Instead, internet speed is your (allocated) bandwidth. Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be sent to you, usually measured in seconds. For example, 5 Mbps would mean that you can receive up to 5 megabits of data per second.

How Does Bandwidth Work?

The best way to explain (and understand) how bandwidth (and your internet speed) works is by using an analogy.

Think of bandwidth like a freeway. All cars (data) travel at the same speed, so to get more data from the internet to your computer faster, the freeway needs to be wider.

In other words, say 1 Mbps is the equivalent to a 1 lane freeway. And let’s say that you were trying to download an image, which is 5 Mb in size. So if you had a bandwidth of 1 Mbps (1 lane freeway) it would take you roughly 5 seconds to download the image.

Now let’s say that you have a 5 Mbps (bandwidth) connection, or a 5 lane freeway. How fast will you receive your image? 1 second.

What is Bandwidth & How Does Bandwidth Work?

More bandwidth means that you’ll receive more data at the same time. In this example, you can download 5 images with the wider bandwidth in the same time you could 1 with the narrower bandwidth.

What’s important to note here, and this confuses a lot of people, is that your internet isn’t any faster from 1 Mbps to 5 Mbps, or however much bandwidth your connection has. Your data is just transferred to you at a faster rate because more data can be sent at the same time. It’s more efficient, making your internet perceptually faster, not technically faster.

All of that said, there isn’t just one internet speed. However, real “internet speed” has to do with latency and that topic is outside the scope of this particular article. You can read about latency here.

What is kbps, mbps, MBps and gbps?

Another confusing aspect of shopping for internet based on speeds are all the terms or abbreviations being used. Mbps, MBps, kbps, Gbps; what does all of this mean?

These are the abbreviations for the amount of data that is being sent per second. Here is what each of them mean. Below that I’ve outlined a basic conversion guide and a rough idea as to how big each piece of data you consume is.

  • kbps – Kilobits per second. This is used when talking about dialup (56k for example) and low speed DSL.
  • Mbps or mbps – Megabits per second. Some people confuse this with megabytes.The difference between the two is how the “b” is written in the abbreviation; Mbps = megabits and MBps = megabytes. This is the most common unit of speed used.
  • MBps – Megabytes per second. Megabytes aren’t usually used in (residential) internet plans.
  • gbps – Gigabits per second. Gigabits are hardly used for internet plans, and the costs make them unpractical for families and small businesses.

Converting Units of Internet Bandwidth

To give you a better idea how much bigger or small each unit of speed (bandwidth) is, here is a handy conversion chart. You can also visit Numion and play with their calculator.

  • Bytes ==> Bits: Multiply by 8
  • Bits ==> Bytes: Divide by 8
  • Mega ==> Kilo: Multiply by 1,000
  • Kilo ==> Mega: Divide by 1,000
  • Giga ==> Mega: Multiply by 1,000
  • Mega ==> Giga: Divide by 1,000
  • Giga ==>Kilo: Multiply by 1,000,000
  • Kilo ==> Giga: Divide by 1,000,000

Units of Bandwidth & The Data You Use

Here are some things that you do on the internet and how much bandwidth (and data) it uses up:

  • 1 Web Page – 1 MB
  • 1 Text Email – .97 MB
  • 10 Min YouTube Video – 43 MB
  • Download 1 Image – 2.5 MB
  • 30 Min of Gaming – 2.5 MB

What is the Difference Between Upload and Download Speeds?

Another confusing thing about shopping for internet is when you see speeds listed like this:

5/1 Mbps

What does this mean? Well, that means that internet plan has a download speed of 5 mbps and an upload speed of 1 mbps.

The reason why your upload and download speed are different is because most internet connections are asymmetric. In English this means that the bandwidth is a different size going one way compared to the other. Since most users consume content rather than upload it, the bandwidth for download speeds is larger (than the upload).

What Affects My Internet Speed?

There are a number of things that will (negatively) affect the speed of your internet.

Connection Type

Connection type plays a big role in how fast of an internet connection you’ll have. Using my analogy from earlier, some roads (bandwidth) are fixed or capped — they can’t be widened or increased. Dialup, and to some extent DSL, are perfect examples of this.

Traffic Congestion

Ok, I can’t help it; I’m going to use my analogy again. It’s just goes hand in hand with internet speeds.

Anyway, your internet can become congested just like a freeway can. The more data (or cars) that is being requested and sent, the more bandwidth (freeway lanes) that is being used at one time. At some point every lane is going to be taken up, so the cars (data) will take more time to get to you.

Congestion usually happens during peak usage times, like when everyone gets off work and logs onto the internet. But you can also experience slower speeds if you have a home network (and everyone is online) or someone using your wireless connection from outside your home.

Bad/Old Wires, Connections or Equipment

Think of bad wires and connections like a freeway that goes from 5 lines to 1 all of a sudden. That forces all of the cars (data) to bottleneck, ultimately taking longer to get to you.

The same thing holds true for your equipment. If you have outdated equipment, or your equipment isn’t configured optimally, that can slow down how fast you receive your data.


The further away you are from your ISP (hub) the longer it’ll take for the data to transfer from the internet to your computer.